At Africa Cultural Promotion Center, we celebrate and promote African culture and its values.

A home away from home, a centre for African culture and cultural identity education

What we do at a glance

We aim to create a vibrant African community—a home away from home. A cultural hub to celebrate our African culture together and connect as people of African origin living in the Netherlands.

We organise tailor-made services

We create and organise services that are tailor-made to the unique needs of the African community in the Netherlands.

We create space for collaboration

We create a safe place for people, children and businesses of minority groups to come together, learn and create; blossoming into confident citizens ready to make positive contributions to the society they live in.

We bring Africa to you

We bring African culture close to you, while we work toward being a leader in African cultural identity education.

We foster talent

We work to foster talent development and success in your child's chosen field of interest.

We create children's programs

It takes a village to raise a child. We work with you through our unique programs to enable you to raise children, educating them about their African Heritage. In turn, they will become proud of their identity and culture, grow to be confident in their unique abilities as a people.

Our Services

For Parents

We have dedicated services to support you in settling into the Netherlands after a relocation, ensuring that your children remain connected to your culture while taking advantage of the opportunities their new home has to offer.

For Children

We foster cultural identity, raise awareness and inclusion, enhance children's confidence and independence as proud global citizens. We do this through our range of products, services and programs. Read more to find out.

For Businesses

We create a hub that welcomes and connects businesses and service providers for the African community. We remove obstacles by creating a space to foster training, collaboration, and networking assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What others say about Africa Cultural Promotion Center

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