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Being a parent in the 21st century is challenging. It is even more so when you are raising your children in a culture different from yours, far away from home, while navigating life and career in your new host country.

This is why we have dedicated services to support you in settling in after a relocation, ensuring that your children remain connected to your culture while taking advantage of the opportunities their new home has to offer.

Parent workshops and Seminars

Parent Social Networking Meetups


We recognise the challenges children face when growing up influenced by different cultures in their formative years and beyond. For these Third Culture Kids (TCKs), we go a step further in fostering cultural identity; raising awareness, and inclusion; enhancing their confidence and independence as proud global citizens. We do this through our range of products, services and programs. We also foster a reading culture through our extensive selection of books for African children in our African library.

All this learning is delivered in a fun playful way using games, activities, music, role play, art, and craft, all carefully planned to bring African culture to the forefront. We work with trained childcare professionals giving you confidence that your child is in safe hands. Our cultural specialists ensure that all activities are authentic and are focused on delivering excellent cultural learning.

Kids Holiday Camps and activities

Mother Tongue Languages

African Library for both kids and adults

Businesses and Community

We believe that small businesses and young people are shaping the future. We know that there are many people of African origin in the Netherlands offering valuable products and services. Not all have formally registered businesses or are easy to find. By creating a hub that welcomes and connects businesses and service providers for the African community, the ACPC creates a space to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration, education, and networking.

Through this hub, we are removing the obstacles that entrepreneurs and start-ups face, connecting them to the support and resources available so that they can realise success in their businesses. We facilitate showcasing of their work as powerful change-makers of creative excellence.

We Bridge the Gap for Businesses

Employment after relocation

Career guidance and Mentoring

African Business Networking