Holiday Camps

Let your child join our fun multi-activity themed camps during every school holiday. Our trips and activities are fun and educative. We focus on learning about African culture while connecting and making friends with children from a similar background, make new friends and learning more about the host country, Netherlands.

We also focus on equipping children with the knowledge and skills to navigate life as a child growing up amongst different cultures.

Mother Tongue Languages

Language is the gateway to learning and understanding people and their culture.

Are you interested in your child learning your local language or one of the several African mother tongues? We organise classes for several languages depending on the need. Our teachers are qualified and also undergo a background check.

Are you a mother tongue language teacher and would like to give classes?

Contact us to find out if there are classes in your language.

African Library

Reading is vital in shaping a child's view of the world. A good book can introduce you to a whole new world and a new way of seeing your current world. Children naturally love stories and reading. We want to foster a culture of reading early in life. It is hard to find child-friendly modern books and learning materials showcasing African values and culture. With our ever-increasing collection of books, we aim to create a library with the largest collection of African books. We aim to serve not only the African community but also anyone interested in knowing more about Africa. This also allows African authors and creators to share their work with a wider audience.

Are you an author of African books and would like to have your book in our library collection? We love to connect with you. Contact us.