Meet the Founders

Dr. Mollynn

Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim is the brainchild and founder of the Africa Cultural Promotion Center.

She is an entrepreneur in the Hague who has been working with the International and African community since 2007. She is also a wife and a mother raising multilingual children in a multi-cultural and metropolitan setting.

Born and raised in Uganda, she has a deep knowledge of the African culture. Through various roles as a childcare worker, a program manager and an operations manager, Mollynn has more than 13 years in the field of early years education and management, providing expert services to the international community in the Hague.

She started her first business in 2011 called Mollynn Cares that provided consultation services and lectures to different African communities in the Netherlands. It is on this foundation, that she is building the Africa Cultural Promotion Center. She has gained valuable experience in managing a business, as well as creating and implementing educational community programs. She uses her deep knowledge of African culture and early years pedagogy to create tailor-made programs, author books and online resources for learning the African languages and culture.

Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim

Medical Doctor, Early Years Pedagogic Specialist, Speaker and Author

Dr. Stephen Otim

Mentorship, Diversity Evangelist, Project management, Technology Enthusiast

Dr. Stephen Otim

Dr. Stephen Otim is a co-founder of the African Cultural Promotion Center.

Born and raised in Uganda, he has lived more than half of his life in both the United Kingdom and The Netherlands where he currently resides and works. Husband to Mollynn and a father of 2 children who live and study in an international environment, he is keenly aware of the identity crises young children are likely to suffer if they are not firmly rooted and have a strong sense of belonging.

Stephen is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) in all its forms and in all places of human interaction. While working at a multinational company in the Netherlands, Stephen founded an African Network to promote the active inclusion of staff from African origin into the labour force by improving personal and talent development.

He is also a technology enthusiast and believes the digital divide disproportionately affects minority groups. This can be a limiting factor when African businesses are trying to compete in a global fast paced world that uses technology to get every competitive advantage.

Stephen is looking forward to mentoring both young students and coaching adults alike but also helping any entrepreneurs and businesses to embrace modern technology to get ahead.