Businesses & Community

Employment after relocation

Employment after relocation can sometimes trigger career change. We guide you through the process of finding your way, looking at different options available and getting you on your way to gainful employment. We also help connect people to volunteer opportunities. Contact us to start your journey with us. We would like to hear from you.

Career Guidance & Mentoring Services

The right career guidance and mentoring can make a difference between making a happy & successful career choice. We aim to bridge the gap between education and practice by connecting successful African professionals in the Netherlands with young African students early in their education. We also guide with opportunities for community service, a vital part of education.

African Business Network

Thinking of starting a business? Looking to network with like-minded business people? African business owners network will help you open new doors and access new customers, services and opportunities. We have fun learning, networking while promoting your business and services.

We Bridge the gap

Are you as a business or organisation desiring to increase inclusion and participation of people of African descent in your programs? Or are you looking for more effective ways to reach the community? The ACPC is happy to partner with you in achieving our shared objective. We help you bridge the gap.